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Tema Park

Sarah Butler / 11 Eylül 2019

The Land of Legends Theme Park

We visited The Land of Legends theme park today with my partner and 3 children and I'm sorry to say we had the worst experience we have ever had in a theme park before. Staff were continually rude towards myself and my family, when we asked at guest relations to put £150 on our wristband for snacks etc we were told "no you dont need that much, that's too much just put £75." We are a family of 5 our youngest only being 6, we know how much we spend at theme parks as we have been to plenty before. The £75 did not even cover half of the cost of what we wanted throughout our stay.We left much earlier than we had planned to due to the issue with rude staff and the fact that we spent more than enough money just to enter the theme park let alone the amount of money it cost for food and beverages etc. We were extremely excited to visit and we left angry and disappointed.